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Cruise: Millionaire's Row & West Islands Cruise

September 24, 2020 at 2:00pm edit

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About This Event

Capture the spirit of Door County as this tour combines great scenery, wildlife and human history. We start by heading south, viewing the beautiful shore homes along “Millionaire’s” (Cottage) Row, one of Door County’s most preferred addresses for the past 100 years. Turning west onto open waters, we’ll explore the islands and watch the white pelicans and cormorants nesting on the “rock pile” and learn what is special about distant Chambers Island. “Threading the needle” between Adventure and Strawberry Islands, we head back east, stopping off shore of Eagle Bluff Lighthouse for a photo op. As we return along the beautiful cobblestone shores of Peninsula Park, you will learn the unique history of Sven’s Bluff, the 1900s girls Camp Menagha and Door County’s early European settlers.